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Statistical Support on the Web

Interactive Statistics Chart

This interactive statistics chart allows you to determine which statistical procedure is most appropriate for your research, based on the research goal and type of population (normal, non-normal, or binomial) used for your study.

Click on the appropriate statistical method....

Goal Data Type:
Normal Population (parametric)

Data Type:
Non-normal Population

Rank, Score, or Measurement
Data Type:
(Two Possible Outcomes)
Describe one group. Mean, Standard Deviation (SD) Median, interquartile range Proportion
Compare one group to a hypothetical value. One-sample t test   Chi-square or Binomial test
Compare two unpaired groups. Unpaired t test Wilcoxon Two Sample Test (Mann-Whitney) Fisher’s test
for large samples

Compare two paired groups. Paired t test Wilcoxon test McNemar’s test
Compare three or more unmatched groups. One-way ANOVA Kruskal-Wallis test Chi-square test
Compare three or more matched groups.

Measures ANOVA:

Three correlated

Four correlated

Friedman test Cochrane Q
Quantify association between two variables. Pearson's correlation Spearman correlation Contingency coefficients
Predict value from another measured variable. Simple linear regression or nonlinear regression Nonparametric regression Simple logistic regression
Predict value from several measured or binomial variables. Multiple linear regression or multiple nonlinear regression   Multiple logistic regression



Statistics Links

These links are to Websites that may assist new researchers in basic statistical operations and includes descriptions of the content of each site. For example, there are Web pages that compute power analyses, basic ANOVAs, and other statistical manipulations.



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