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The purpose of this section is to provide resource information to new or minority researchers that will lead toward the establishment of a mentoring experience with researchers and clinicians in this field. The following resources, along with the Grant Writing Tutorial, are intended to support your endeavor in developing a career in substance abuse research.

We have also established a listserv for researchers and clinicians to promote dialogue that encourages research-to-practice. A listserv is a mailing list that circulates messages to a group of people on a certain topic. Through this forum, we believe that new working relationships can be established between clinicians and researchers, while informing new researchers about real and relevant situations within the field. Clinicians and researchers are the focus because both groups play an important role in the scientific world of substance abuse research.

Individuals interested in the mentoring process can benefit from a comprehensive insider's guide to writing grants. The Grant Writing Tutorial is designed to assist new or minority researchers with the development and completion of research grant proposals in the area of substance abuse.

The Grant Writing Tutorial is interactive and has a workbook that will dynamically create a proposal outline to assist you with defining your research project. By sharing this outline with prospective mentors, they are informed about your research interests and can provide immediate feedback as to the feasibility of the project.

As we continue to develop and refine this section, we will explore other mentoring alternatives, such as peer group mentoring and matching experienced researchers with new or less experienced researchers.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on the type of mentoring you would prefer, please contact


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