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Knowledge Assessment

  1. A research study should have as many testable hypotheses as possible to increase the likelihood of being funded.
  2. The NIH offer numerous grants specifically to new and minority researchers.
  3. The NIH require grants to be staffed by both a Prinicipal Investigator and a Project Director.
  4. When writing an NIH grant application involving human subjects, it is acceptable to omit, in your discussion of human subjects, the inclusion of women and members of minority groups in certain types of research.
  5. When Initial Review Group (IRG) members are reviewing grants, all of the following criteria are considered EXCEPT:

  6. What is streamlining?
  7. When writing up a section on resources and facilities, there is no need to indicate that your facility has basic lab equipment, computers, and other common resources.
  8. The most common flaw in poorly rated grant applications is technical inadequacies in methodology.



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