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Accessibility Features

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to separate presentation from content.

  • Site Map for central text-based navigation to all significant pages.

  • Invisible bypass link to allow screen readers to jump past repetitive top navigation and go directly to page content.

  • Path navigation (also known as “Bread Crumbs”)—a quick way to determine where you are and an easy way to navigate within a given section of the site.

  • Keyboard-based navigational shortcuts to primary sections of the site, using the ACCESSKEY attribute (currently available only in Internet Explorer 4+). Pressing the key combinations below will bring focus to the corresponding link, after which the Enter key is pressed to activate the link.

    • ALT 1 = Home
    • ALT 2 = Funding
    • ALT 3 = Grant Writing
    • ALT 4 = Research Tools
    • ALT 5 = Minority Focus
    • ALT 6 = Search
    • ALT 7 = Site Map

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